Patron notes

Angie Zimmerman has been at the Masters since Thursday, but it took her four days to notice something was different in the concession stands.

“Where’s the pink lemonade?” Zimmerman asked. “I didn’t realize until today it was missing.”

The pink lemonade at Augusta National has changed to yellow, and Zimmerman says she’s “just fine” with the adjustment.

On Sunday, the New Orleans native ordered an Arnold Palmer (half sweet tea, half lemonade) to go with a sausage biscuit.

“I actually like this better,” Zimmerman said. “I heard a lady in front of me order an Arnold Palmer and that’s when I thought to myself, ‘Wait, you can’t have an Arnold Palmer with pink lemonade.’ They have yellow this year!”


JUNIORS FIRST: If the Masters competitors are Augusta National’s top priority this week, its junior patrons aren’t far behind.

Shane Jansen, 9, arrived at his first Masters on Sunday and was greeted with a paper ticket and commemorative pin upon entry.

“It’s so cool,” Jansen said, while hooking the yellow pin to his shirt collar. “I can’t believe we get to be here.”

In addition, junior patrons are allowed to bypass the photo line near Founders Circle, escaping a wait of up to 45 minutes.

The Junior Pass Program is available to accredited patrons only. The badge holder may bring one junior, ages 8 to 16, free of charge for each tournament day. The program began in 2006.


CELEBRITY SIGHTING: Jim Taylor was glancing at the No. 7 leaderboard when a familiar face walked past.

“I look over and there’s Penny Hardaway,” said Taylor, of Detroit. “I say to my wife, ‘Do you know who that is?’ ”

Hardaway, who donned a Memphis basketball hat and shirt, was hired to be Memphis’ men’s basketball coach in March. The former Orlando Magic star was watching players tee off on No. 8 before making his way toward the No. 7 green.

“It’s the Masters,” Taylor said. “You never know who you’ll see out here.”

Junior Patron of the day

Name: Carter Ellis

From: Augusta

Age: 11

Favorite golfer: Phil Mickelson

Favorite sandwich: Pimento cheese

Thoughts on Augusta National Women’s Amateur Championship: “I think it’s great that girls get to play now. It’s usually just boys!”